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  • Dairy Farm
  • Principals Cup Lagos State Preliminaries

This competition engages all secondary schools in the state. Players must be students of the schools and not more than 17years old. The tournament season runs along the school calendar and is coordinated in partnership with the State Ministries of Education and Youth, Sports and Social Development.

  • Principals Cup Ogun State Preliminaries


  • Orange Valentine

The Bank holds the Orange Valentine initiative on the 14th Feburary every year. This started in 2010 where staff contibute funds which are used to provide health and insurance packages for children across the Nation.


  • Orange After School Staff Volunteering

This is a program by GTBank staff is a coaching, tutoring and mentoring programme for pupils in primary schools preparing to take entrance examinations into secondary schools. The staff volunteers to provide extra classes for public school students within the community in preparation for their external examinations.


  • Orange Ribbon Initiative

The Orange Ribbon initiative is an advocacy program designed to support children with developmental disabilities in Nigeria especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This initiative commenced in 2009.


  • Children’s Day Initiative

Children’s Day (27th May) is recognized to honour children. We recognize children as tomorrow’s leaders and celebrate them in various ways on this occasion. This initiative is geared towards the celebration of children in special schools around us on this day.
We donate cash, provide writing materials, books, clothing and bags, provide food materials and have representatives attend the schools function.


  • Swiss Red Cross

This Swiss Red Cross is a humanitarian organization which provides an avenue to raise funds for welfare initiatives across the globe. Proceeds from the fund raising event of the Swiss Red cross are used to ensure continuation of efforts in the areas of healthcare, reconstruction and disaster relief across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Principals Cup Lagos State Semi Finals
  • Principals Cup Ogun State Semi Finals


  • Principals Cup Lagos State Finals

The GTBank Lagos state competition just completed its 4th season. Matches are played from grouping/district/state preliminaries up till the finals. Cash prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners are N1,000,000, N750,000, N500,000 and N250,000 respectively. This is to be used for the development and infrastructure upgrade of the schools.

  • Principals Cup Ogun State Finals


  • Camp GTBank

Camp GTBnk is a Players Development Program (Camp GTBank) held once a year after the football season. The program is a residential camp for talent development, to train and develop outstanding players for each of the matches during the season. The players draw on the experience of professional footballers and coaches. The selected students are taken through training sessions on formulation, strategy, tactics, conditioning instructions and physical exercises.


  • Orange Excellence Awards


  • Massey Street Christmas Party