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Human Rights

Guaranty Trust Bank understands the duty and responsibility to respect, protect and uphold the rights of its employees and stakeholders. Our Bank takes seriously these obligations and has taken steps to incorporate the under-listed into its business operations and relationships

  • Ensuring due diligence in its operations
  • Effectively managing risk situations
  • Avoid complicity
  • Effectively resolving grievances
  • Avoid discrimination and promote advocacy of Vulnerable Groups
  • Respect for civil, political, economical, social and cultural rights
  • Incorporate respect for fundamental principles and rights at work

Guaranty Trust Bank defines and operates an equal opportunity policy, relating to gender, race, religion and disability issues. Our workforce is 42% female and 58% male with gender equality on opportunities and career growth. We operate a modern creche within the main Head Office and provide flexible working packages for those with childcare and other care commitments. The Bank currently has 5 disabled persons in its employ.

Guaranty Trust Bank operates a robust and open internal feedback system. Employees can provide feedback or comments via “The Vine” (internal social media) or the Whistle Blower and ‘HR & You’ email available through the Bank’s Intranet. We also have an open door policy which allows for issues to be escalated anonymously along designated reporting lines.

Our Bank will continue to promote the preservation of human rights in its operations as we continue to recruit qualified persons irrespective of race, gender and disability. We will also continue to support our “open door” culture which promotes the freedom of expression amongst staff.