This service is available on our internet banking and GTConnect platform which allows you access emergency cash whenever you are without your debit card or if your existing debit card is lost, stolen, damaged or retracted.

  • GTRescue is accessible via internet banking and our 24 contact centre, GTConnect
  • The service is available to GTBank customers
  • No fees/charges apply
  • With GTRescue you never stranded or cash strapped
  • It provides a 24/7 cardless withdrawal service.

Q1. Where do I find GTRescue menu on the Internet Banking Platform
Ans: The GTRescue menu can be found on the bottom left side of the internet banking page (see diagram below)

Q2. What happens when I cannot remember my Internet Banking Login details, would I still be able to use the GTRescue service
Ans: In the event you are unable to provide your internet banking login details, you can access the GTRescue service through our alternative channel by calling GTConnect, our interactive 24 hour phone service on 08039003900, 07029002900, 01-4480000 to speak with a GTConnect Agent

Q3. What is the maximum daily limit on the GTRescue service?
Ans: N60,000.00

Q4. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw per request?
Ans: N20,000.00

Q5. How many times can I use GTRescue in a day?
Ans: you can perform just 3 GTRescue transactions in a day.

Q6. What is the validity period of the reference number?
Ans: 3 hours

Q7. If my phone details is not updated on my account, can I still receive the withdrawal reference number in my email inbox?
Ans: Yes, You can receive the withdrawal reference number via your registered email address. You can also update your account details by visiting any GTBank Branch to fill an update form or by calling GTConnect

Q8. Can the same withdrawal reference number be used for more than one transaction?
Ans: No, one withdrawal reference number is generated for each GTRescue request.

Q9. What happens if I am unable to obtain my cash from any GTBank ATM before the withdrawal reference number expires?
Ans: The unwithdrawn cash is reversed into the debited account within 24 – 72hours

Q10. What is the turnaround time for my funds to be reversed if I have a dispense error?
Ans: The un-dispensed cash-out request will be reversed within 24 hours

Q11. Can a third party be the cash beneficiary of the GTRescue Transaction?
Ans: Yes, only if the third party has the following details:

  • Withdrawal reference number
  • Customer’s mobile number
  • Requested amount