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GTBank leading the ebanking platform

February29, 2012 07:30am

The banking industry is steadily moving towards attaining a slip-free operation to offer superior and convenient services and to be ahead of competition in the delivery of financial services, Ekow Essabra-Mensah writes.

The convenience of electronic banking (e-banking) has gradually dispelled the earlier held notion that banking is about brick and mortar, and actual banking business could only be transacted within the confines of premises of banks.

Today business of banking has become virtual, and benefitted the ordinary customer in general and the corporate world in particular - and this has resulted in the creation of a better enabling environment that supports growth, productivity and prosperity.

This development ensures that banks do not have to keep their branches open 24-hours a day to provide this service. This is one of the biggest advantages of the e-banking platform.

Development in e-banking platform is the way forward for the countrys changing face in the banking sector. The new strategy in banking now is electronic banking, wherein banks are assiduously developing technology for online transaction processing in which the customer can go directly into his or her account.

Mr. Ben Ackah-Mensah, Head, Corporate Affairs at Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited disclosed that, as part of GTBanks innovative corporate strategy, it has initiated a number of electronic banking products and services aimed at embracing the new order in banking system and also ensuring easy banking transactions, which are more convenient and have become an acceptable module in global financial transaction.

GTBanks e-banking platform

GTBank offers a wide range of electronic banking products/services differentiated for specific needs and developed with the goal to provide superior ease and convenience for customer transactions. For the bank, also, the wide range of electronic products are proportionate to the banks branchless banking retail strategy, which does not limit banking services to normal banking hours or the Banks branches only.

With GTBanks electronic offering, customers are equipped to carry out several transactions on their mobile phones, manage accounts on the internet, or use any of the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) on the banks branch or offsite network across the country.

Internet Banking

Guaranty Trust Bank's Internet Banking service is an online and real-time banking service, offering both individuals and businesses a range of banking services and account management tools that are timely, accurate, reliable and flexible.

The facility has been developed with superior features of Account Balance& Transaction Inquiry, Own and Third Party Transfers, Cheque Confirmation, Cash-in-transit, Bank Drafts request, Cheque Book request etc.

It enables clients access their accounts from anywhere in the world to view and verify transactions on accounts, check balances and account activity, transfer funds between own and another GTBank customer account. Clients can also print statement of accounts and confirm cheques or request cheque books, make standing orders, request for Drafts etc.

To subscribe, clients only need an account with GT Bank, a reliable email address and internet access and telephone line. With these they can begin to gain operational and financial control over their personal or business accounts - either from the comfort of their offices, homes, or anywhere else in the world.

Slip-Free Banking

The Guaranty Trust Slip-free process is a service that offers Convenience. It is an innovative process that takes the burden of filling withdrawal or deposit slips away from the customer.

This product offers convenience since the burden of filling withdrawal or deposit slips is taken away from the customer. It reduces the time customers spend in the banking hall. Customers can now spend less time in the banking hall.

SMS Banking

A cell phone is not just a cell phone any more. At Guaranty Trust Bank you can monitor your account with your GSM phone anytime, anywhere.

With the SMS Banking product clients will be able to view account balance(s), Track transactions on account(s), transfer funds between accounts and transfer funds to another persons account.

It comes with enormous banking benefits including safe and convenient transaction, its saves customers time and effort of going to branches, it is as well cost effective .This service is available 24 hours a day.

Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT)

West Africa Just Got Smaller Transfer money with ease and speed. As part of GT Banks orange convenience, anywhere, anytime, banking services, the bank has introduced the Guaranty Trust Bank Money Transfer (GTMT).

The GTMT is a web based platform on which customers and non - customers can receive or send money from GTBank subsidiaries in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia and plans are underway to bring onboard the GTBank subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Liberia on to the platform.

With the launch of this new solution, the public can now transfer money conveniently at trusted locations with superior service levels to all GTBank locations in the West African Sub-region. This would increase mobility for trade, leisure, education and personal purposes within the various countries in West Africa.

Clients and the general public can now conveniently transfer money from about 144 locations with ease and speed.

China Union Pay Cards

Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) can presently boost of smooth business transaction with its Chinese customers and the general public with the its ATMs now being accepted in China UnionPay Cards.

Chinese residents in Ghana, travelers, students and businessmen and women with China UnionPay cards can now use them on any GTBank ATM at all times to withdraw cash and check their account balances.

GTBank Visa Cards

Guaranty Trust Bank Visa Card is a range of Visa Classic and Visa Electron Chip Debit Cards tailored to suit every lifestyle. Visa Gold Card, Visa Electron International, Visa Electron Domestic and Students Discount Visa Cards are the four main types of cards.

Chip cards or Smart cards are the latest technology in payment cards, making electronic payment very secure, faster and more flexible. Smart cards carry a microchip, which gives it that enhanced security feature which makes it nearly impossible to be skimmed by fraudsters. In addition, the data contained on a smart card is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to personal account information. This gives Cardholders peace of mind.

Visa Gold Card

Visa Gold Card is one of Visa International's premium cards issued to High Net worth Individuals with exclusive life styles. Gold symbolizes quality and prestige as well as Convenience and choice.

Visa Electron International Card

GTBank Visa International Card is a Visa Electron chip Card issued to professionals and business executives who travel outside the country. Payment for hotel bills, air tickets and general purchases can be made by the Visa Card. This Card can be used on any Visa Branded ATM or Point of Sale Terminal worldwide.

Visa Electron Domestic Card

The GTBank Visa Electron Domestic Card is a debit card uniquely designed for usage only in Ghana. It is the fastest and safest way to get cash from any Visa ATM and make payment for goods and services at any merchant location displaying the Visa logo nationwide.

Students Discount Visa Card

These are discount cards with Visa enabled functions which allows for usage on all Visa ATMs in the country. Holders of the Student Discount Card are entitled to great discounts at a number of merchant outlets including clubs, clothing shops, eateries, bus terminals, and supermarkets.

Benefits of GTBank Visa Cards

Wide Acceptance: Cards are accepted on over 11,000 Visa ATMs and 22 million Visa Point of Sale Terminals worldwide for payment of goods and services (excludes Visa Domestic Cards).

Cards are chip based with all cardholder information encrypted. A transaction can only be authorized with the correct PIN. This restricts unauthorized use of the Visa card.

Cash withdrawal and other ATM transactions can be made at any time of the day offering 24hr access to cash. It is simpler than writing a cheque or making payment with cash.

Transfer of money can be made from one GTBank Visa card to another or in between accounts if the card is linked to two or more accounts.

Each purchase or withdrawal is recorded automatically on the clients monthly bank statement, helping cardholders track and manage their expenses.

GTBank Automated Payment System
GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS) is a web-based solution that facilitates the processing of payments in batches using a secure connection over the internet.
GAPS Provides an efficient means of effecting payments to contractors, vendors, suppliers, employees of companies, etc.

Excellent information resource providing online real-time account monitoring and instant value to GTBanks beneficiary account holders; this comes with an improved transaction processing time.


The GTBank Debit MasterCard is an international payments card, issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide to enable our customers withdraw cash from over 1.5 Million Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), pay for goods and services at MasterCard labeled Point of Sale (POS) Terminals worldwide as well as make payments on the Internet

The Card is directly linked to your Current or Savings account thus all transactions done using this card are reflected on the account instantly in real time.

Guaranty Trust Bank with its strategic alliance with the worlds leader in payment brands is able to also accept other MasterCard brands including Maestro and Cirrus Cards on all its ATMs and POS terminals across the country.

Online Cheque Confirmation

The GTBank Online Cheque confirmation service, allows customers to confirm all cheques above GHS3,000 issued from the comfort of their offices and homes.

The service is accessible via the Banks robust Internet Banking platform. It only requires customers to log on to its secure Internet Banking site and provide the details of the cheque and submit. This is then transmitted immediately to the bank alerting the officials of the confirmation, thus allowing the cheque to be paid immediately upon presentation.

This innovative solution protects the customer against cheque fraud as well as ensure faster customer service delivery throughout its banking halls.


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