Card Protect is an online fraud protection application that gives cardholders ultimate control over their debit cards by allowing users block transactions locally and internationally.

  • It’s available on Internet Banking
  • The service is available to all GTBank Naira MasterCard holders
  • Cardholder can restrict their debit card from being used within or outside the country.
  • Available 24/7
  • No fees/charges apply
  • You can control the use of your Debit Card
  • Login to Internet Banking to request for your Debit Card to be disabled or re-enabled for specific transaction types or from being used within or outside the country.


Q1. When do I need Card Protect?

Answer: Card Protect is needed to control you Debit card from being used in a particular country or via a transaction channel.

Q2. How can I access Card Protect?

Answer: You can access the Card Protect via Internet Banking

Q3. How many countries can I restrict at the same time

Answer: All countries.

Q4. How long can I restrict my Debit card

Answer: You can restrict your debit card from being used as long as you wish.

Q5. What is the process of unblocking my Debit card

Answer: Kindly follow the instructions on the Internet banking page to enable or disable your debit card whenever you wish to.