The GTBank Corporate Naira MasterCard is designed to conveniently satisfy the needs of your corporate expenses in Nigeria Only on ATM, POS or online. It can be issued in the company’s personnel name or the company’s department name and is simply funded by an online transfer to your card account.

The Corporate naira cards can be used in your organization for the following:

  • Business Travels: Travel allowance in Naira allocated to staff or hotel bookings and airline ticket purchase.
  • Staff Allowances: Paid periodically to staff e.g. quarterly payments, bonuses, profit-share etc.
  • Petty Cash: Funds allocated for minor day-to-day expenses of the company
  • Training and conferences: Expenses incurred while attending local events.
  • Hotel Bookings: Airline ticket fee payments
  • Fleet management: Fuel purchase / Certified auto dealer maintenance charge


  • Security – Use of Chip and PIN technology to guide against unauthorized transactions
  • Personalization – Naira Corporate Debit cards can be personalized with a unique identifier to align with the organization’s needs
  • Validity Period – Naira Corporate Debit cards are valid for 3 years
  • Accessibility – Provides 24 hours access to funds via all channels (ATM, POS & WEB)
  • Safety – Eliminates the risk and inconvenience of cash handling
  • Reloadable – Naira Corporate Debit card are reloadable in line with the applicable limits as determined by the organization when funds previously loaded are exhausted
  • Monitor card transactions, make payments and transfer funds online 24/7 via GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPs)
  • Expense Control Tool: The Naira Corporate Debit Card serves as an effective administrative expenditure control product relating to the organizations’ daily operating expenses
  • Account Reconciliation: Access to online and email statements in varying formats.
  • Fraud Detecting Tool: An advanced technology application that monitors all the organization’s card transactions based on rules implemented to flag suspicious or fraudulent card transactions resulting from card loss, theft or card compromise. It allows a card block / restriction once a suspicious card transaction is flagged by the application.

Naira Denominated Corporate Card

    • Request Letter signed by 2 Directors or authorized signatories (stating card name (max 21 characters) and card pick-up branch) 
    • Copy of form CAC2 (for sole proprietorships) or form CAC7 (for limited liability companies) 

Daily Transaction Limits

  • Local ATM Withdrawals: N150,000
  • Local POS transactions: N5,000,000
  • Funds Transfer on Local ATMs: N500,000

Please note that GTBank Corporate Naira MasterCard has been restricted for international transactions.