GTCrea8 MasterCard is a variant of the Naira MasterCard issued to students of tertiary institutions to give them 24/7 access to their GTCrea8 accounts anywhere in the world.

Acceptance for Payment:

  • Can be used to pay for goods and services at 34 million MasterCard locations worldwide in 210 countries and across other channels such as the Internet.
  • Buy new and used books online and receive it at your doorstep in Nigeria.
  • Pay for food, groceries at supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores or when ordering online.
  • Shop for clothes, accessories, gadgets and other items at affordable online retailers and receive your order in Nigeria.

Living Allowances/Pocket Money:

  • Whether you choose to school at home or abroad, having a GTCrea8 card simplifies the process of receiving pocket money from parents, guardians or relatives who may be living far away from you. All they have to do is pay naira into your account and with the card, you can carry out transactions on POS terminals and online anywhere in the world.


  • Employs the use of Chip and PIN technology to guard against unauthorized transactions. The card also uses Card Secure, which is an additional secure verification feature for web (online) transactions. Please visit for a guide on how to register for this service.

The card is valid for 3 years.

  • Automatically issued to GTCrea8 account holders after account opening.
  • Local ATM Withdrawals: N100,000
  • Local POS: N500,000
  • International POS & Online transactions: $1,000 monthly

N/B: ATM cash withdrawals are currently limited to within Nigeria only.

*For your daily International spending limits, kindly call GTCONNECT, our 24 hour contact center, on +234 80 3900 3900, +234 80 2900 2900  or +234 1 4480000 to get current limits.