GTBank Prepaid Fuel card is a pre-funded Naira denominated card for corporate organizations which is linked to a virtual account, with all card transactions directed online real-time to this virtual account.

With GTBank Fuel Cards, companies can gain greater control of their fleet expenses by effectively managing costs associated with fuel purchase.

  • Access to Cash – ATM withdrawals are not allowed with this card.
  • Acceptance for Payment – It is designed for purchase of Fuel at filling stations in Nigeria.
  • Safety – Employs the use of Chip and PIN technology to guard against unauthorized transactions.
  • Personalized Company name and Vehicle registration number are printed on the card.
  • The card is valid for 2 years.
  • For Corporate organizations: Letter of request from corporate organization indicating vehicle registration number.
  • Duly completed request form from Corporate Organization.
  • POS Daily transaction limit: N100, 000.00
  • Maximum amount that can be loaded per day: N50,000.00
  • Maximum amount that can be stored on the card at any point in time: N250,000.00