What is a dispense error?

It is an error that occurs when your account is debited for a transaction and value is not received, EITHER:

  • Your transaction fails at the point of making payments via POS/Web but your account is debited for the same value.
  • Cash is not dispensed from the ATM but the exact amount has been debited from your account.


What do I need to do to resolve a dispense error?

The error can be reported by visiting a GTBank branch to report the error or by logging Dispense Error complaints on GTBank Internet Banking (www.gtbank.com)


Resolution Time frame

Transaction  Dispense Error Channel   Resolution Period (Days)
Local Transactions  GTBank’s  ATM/POS/Merchant Website   2
 Other Bank’s ATMs/POS/Merchant Website   5 – 8
Foreign Transactions  International Terminals   45