GTMortgage offers credit facilities to customers whose salaries or business proceeds are domiciled with us to part-finance the acquisition of residential property in selected cities within the country.

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Facility Amount  
Category Description Minimum (N) Maximum (N)
A Low density residential locations in Abuja and Lagos 5million 150million
B Medium density residential locations in Abuja, Lagos and other state capitals 5million 50million



Tenor 1 -20years
Repayment Flexible repayment options:

a.Equal monthly repayment comprising principal and interest.
b. Annual, semi-annual or quarterly principal repayment while interest will be serviced monthly
Monthly repayment shall not exceed 33.3% of net monthly salary.


  • Completed Application Form
  • Title Document of Property
  • Offer Letter to Sell property from vendor
  • Valuation report from any of the Banks approved estate valuer
  • Search report from GTBank Legal Group

Frequently asked questions on GTMorgage

What is GTMortgage?

GTMortgage is a product which offers credit facilities (term loans) to part finance applicants acquisition of residential property in locations acceptable to GTBank.

Can I access GTMortgage to acquire a flat?

Yes, GTMortgage can be accessed to acquire flats in locations approved by the Bank.

What is the maximum loan amount an applicant can access on GTMortgage?

N150 million

What is the minimum facility amount on GTMortgage?

N150 million

What is the security on GTMortgage?

The security is legal mortgage on the property financed.

What repayment options are available on GTMortgage?

An applicant has the flexibility of choosing either equal monthly repayment comprising principal and interest or quarterly, semi-annual or annual repayment of principal while servicing interest on monthly basis.

What maximum portion of my net monthly salary can be used to repay GTMortgage facility monthly?

An applicant can service GTMortgage facility with maximum of 35% of net monthly salary.

What documents are required for GTMortgage Approval?

(i) Offer from vendor (ii) copy of the title document (iii) Duly completed GTMortgage loan request form (iv) Duly completed GTMortgage Employer Undertaking form (v) Clean Search report (vi) Valuation report.

What is the maximum tenor on GTMortgage?

The maximum tenor on GTMortgage is 20 years. However, this is subject to the number of years to retirement, whichever is shorter. Based on the retirement age of 55 years, an applicant that is 45 years can only borrow for a maximum of 10 years

What is the minimum tenor on GTMortgage?

The minimum tenor on GTMortgage is 1 year.

What is the employment status of a GTMortgage applicant?

The applicant should be a confirmed staff of a reputable company and must have worked with the current employer for at least one month.

Would the property be insured?

Yes, the property would be comprehensively insured against fire and special perils at a premium to be borne by the applicant.

Is GTMortgage available for financing of landed properties?


Where are approved locations by GTBank for GTMortgage?

Approved locations by GTBank for GTMortgage include: low and medium density areas in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and all states capitals.