School Fees Advance is a time loan advanced to parents/guardians strictly for the payment of their children’s/wards – school fees to schools/institutions in Nigeria only. School Fees Advance is offered to individuals in the employment of public and reputable private organizations whose salaries are domiciled with GTBank plc.


Facility Amount: N 50, 000.00 (Minimum) to N 5,000,000 (Maximum) per child
Tenor: Maximum of 4 months per request
Repayment: Equal monthly repayments comprising of principal and interest. Monthly repayment shall not exceed 50% of net monthly salary.
Repayment Source: Domiciliation of staff salary payments from employer
Support/Comfort: Employer Undertaking to domicile staff salary,
Credit insurance (against death, permanent disability and involuntary loss of job)


  • Access to funds for the prompt payment of your child/wards school fees.
  • It supports your aspiration of giving your child/ward quality education


  • Completed Application Form and Employer Undertaking Form
  • School Bill
  • Salary Domiciliation

Frequently asked questions on School Fees Advance

What type of facility is School Fees Advance?

A time loan

What is School Fees Advance?

School Fees Advance is designed to finance the payment of your child’s/ward’s school fees.

What is the tenor for a School Fees Advance?

Maximum of 4 months

What is the minimum loan amount?

N50, 000

What is the maximum loan amount?

A maximum loan amount of N1million is applicable per child.

Does the beneficiary need to have his/her salary account with GTBank?


What is the required length of salary account relationship?

The customer must have received their salary through their GTBank account in the last 1 month.

Who can benefit from School Fees Advance?

Staff of selected private companies, Government Ministries, Parastatals and establishments whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

Can the customer apply for School Fees Advance if she/he has an existing facility with the Bank?

Yes, provided the monthly loan repayment does not exceed 50% of his/her net monthly salary

Can the customer reapply at the expiration of the facility?


What document is required for a School Fees Advance?

The application form, employer undertaking and school bill with details of the schools bank account.

Can I pay for my child/wards school fees abroad?

No. It is only for payment for schools in Nigeria. However you can access MaxAdvance for personal needs

Can I pay for my Master’s or Doctorate education?

No. School fees Advance is for the payment of your child/wards school fees

How is the school bill paid?

The bill is paid either by a direct transfer to the schools bank account or by raising a draft in the name of the school.

Is there any insurance on the loan?

Insurance is in place against death and permanent disability.

Is there a minimum salary amount that I need to earn to be able to apply for School Fees Advance?

Yes, minimum monthly salary of N25, 000 for public sector employee and N50, 000 for private sector employee.

Can the loan amount exceed the total school fees?

No. The loan amount can either be equal to or less than the total school fees.

Can unconfirmed staff of an organisation apply for School Fees Advance?

No. The staff should have worked for at least 6 months and also be a confirmed staff.