GT-Target is a high interest bearing account that encourages financial discipline through savings. This product is designed to enable you save towards a specific target – whether it’s a wedding, holiday, new car or higher education. Whatever your financial goal is, the GT Target account can help you achieve it.

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  • Zero account opening balance
  • Mandatory standing order of N5, 000 (minimum) – standing order frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
  • Interest rate is pegged at 3.6% per annum
  • Minimum savings period of six months (partial/full withdrawal prior to six months attracts interest forfeiture)
  • 1% bonus interest is awarded when customers commit to the agreed standing order deposit for 1 year
  • Interest accrues on the account daily but the interest is only capitalized after every six months
  • Maximum of 3 sub accounts can be opened for different financial goals and targets
  • Can be opened on our internet banking platform or by walking into any GTBank branch
  • GT Target is non-transactional account
  • Duly signed and completed GT-Target account opening form
  • Log on to Internet banking and select GT Target from the request menu to open an account, select a suitable standing order amount and select the most preferred savings option (i.e. monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)
  • To own and operate a GT Target Account you must have an existing GTBank Account.