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SMS Banking

The GTBank SMS banking service allows our customers operate selected banking services through their mobile phones via SMS messaging.

You can keep a watch on your bank account with our round the clock SMS banking service.

  • For Airtime Purchase: Send Network Amount (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555

E.g MXX 1000 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • For Balance Enquiry: Send Balance (NUBAN Account Number). to 0807666555

E.g Balance 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • For Account Number Confirmation Send ‘My Account’ to 08076665555

E.g My Account to 08076665555

  • For GeNS subscription: Send ‘Gens (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555

E.g Gens 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • For Internet Banking Password Reset Send ibank (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555

E.g iBank 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • To block your lost, stolen or compromised card – Send ‘HOTLIST ( NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555 E.g HOTLIST to 08076665555

Please note the following:

  •  Use your telephone number that is registered with the bank
  •  Any request sent with the wrong format or from the wrong mobile number will return with error messages.
  • NUBAN – Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number and is usually in ten digit

With GTBank SMS Banking, you can:

  • Check your account balances on the go
  • Request for Account Number Confirmation
  • Subscribe to GeNS
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Purchase Airtime
  • Reset Internet Banking Password
  • Safety: Safe and secure means of banking transactions
  • Convenience: No more queues in confirming account balances
  • Accessibility: This service can be accessed from anywhere in the world.