Underpinning our determination to sustain a Proudly African and Truly International organization, is the sheer passion to do things right all the time. The Bank adheres to a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of bribery and corruption in all spheres of its business and engagements. The Bank has over the years, acquired an enviable reputation built on a solid foundation of integrity, reliability, excellent corporate governance, and an unrelenting commitment to creating value for stakeholders through transparent best business practices.

The Ethics Policy and Code of Professional Conduct of the Bank clearly communicates the Bank’s position on bribery and corruption to employees. The Policy and the Code clearly state that all employees and related acquaintances are prohibited from partaking in any form of corrupt engagement.

The following Acts have been taken into consideration in preparing our Ethics, Bribery and Corruption policy:

  • The Nigerian Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act
  • The United Kingdom Bribery Act of 2010
  • The United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Furthermore, the Bank clearly informs all persons/organizations it engages with, of its willingness to disengage relations and cooperate with the respective authorities once it confirms a breach of its anti-bribery and corruption principles. The Bank has, and will continue to impress on all appointed professional consultants, representatives and agents the necessity to uphold its principles of integrity and ethical discipline and not to engage in any act of bribery and corruption on behalf of the Bank.

The Bank’s abhorrence of corrupt and unethical practices is communicated through its values which are drilled into all employees from staff induction trainings, and as new issues emerge. All members of staff are expected to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all aspects of their professional lives. This is in tandem with the Bank’s vision of creating role models for society.

Annually, all members of staff affirm their commitment to the Bank’s policies on ethical standards, policies and procedures.

As a financial services provider with operations in key African and foreign markets, we face the risk of being compromised by money launders and fraudsters. The Bank therefore takes proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of bribery and shield the Bank’s assets and its people from falling victim to illegal activities.

In addition, the Bank is a signatory to the Convention on Business Integrity, an organization established to empower business transactions within Nigeria against corruption and corrupt practices.

The vision is to move the society towards a visible zero tolerance for corruption. It is hoped that in time it will reposition the idea that Nigerian businesses are fraudulent and instead foster international relationships that can lead to meaningful exchange.