Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) play critical roles in job creation and economic development. The Bank intervenes in several industries, by strengthening SMEs, through capacity-building and non-profit consumer-driven fairs, that empower selected SMEs with new expertise that increases their economic impact. 

Supporting Female Entrepreneurship

The Bank partnered with Work in Progress! Alliance to sponsor the SheLeads Africa (SLA) Accelerator, a platform for young female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, impact their communities, even as they inspire other women. During the programme, young female entrepreneurs were trained on entrepreneurial skills to build their businesses. Spread over three months, the programme featured a one-week residency programme as well as a 3-week practical session and a pitch session to investors for a 2million cash prize to scale up their businesses

GTBank Food and Drink Fair

This  event attracts food and drink vendors who display a variety of gastronomic delights from different parts of the world. It is a confluence of different people in the food and drinks sector—chefs, food retailers, restaurant operators, household appliances brands and food lovers. It features cooking masterclasses by renowned chefs, the display of various cuisines, competitions, food tastings and sales. The fair is an avenue for entrepreneurs in the food industry to meet potential clients and share their businesses with the world. The fair also shows the significance of the food industry to economic development. 

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GTBank Fashion Weekend

The GTBank Fashion Weekend is a showcase of the works of talented, promising and celebrated fashion designers, brands and retail enterprises across Nigeria and abroad. Latest trends and products were presented to a diverse audience of consumers, press and industry enthusiasts. The two-day event featured retail exhibitions, masterclasses and runway shows, opening up the fashion world to potential business opportunities.


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