The GT Trade Tracker is a solution that provides customers up to date information on their international trade transactions. This solution provides this information at every point of the transaction cycle using alerts. These alerts are provided by a notification service that keeps our customers informed on the status of transactions.

The service notifies customers when Form M was approved, accepted by the Nigeria Customs Service, when LC is established and when the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report was issued by the Nigeria Customs Service etc.

Another unique feature of the application is the Notification Service, which provides the customers with up to date information via email based on every activity that happens at each stage of the Trade transaction, e.g. when a Form M is validated by the Bank and submitted to the Nigeria Customs Service, the customer is notified via mail of the following action:

  • Form M approved by the Bank
  • Expiration date of Form M
  • Form M acceptance by the Nigeria Customs Service
  • Establishment of the LC by the Bank
  • Receipt of shipping documents
  • Issuance of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report by the Nigeria Customs Service etc.