• Role based system  each user is given a role with specific functions e.g. Uploader, Reviewer, Approver etc
  • Multi-user solution- supports multiple users for each role
  • Two-Phase Login –  every user logs in with an access code in addition to a unique username and password
  • Two factor token authentication – approvers are issued hardware token devices which generates a dynamic password to authenticate log-in.
  • Multi-level transaction authorization – No single user can commence and conclude a transaction except otherwise stated on the account mandate
  • Integrates seamlessly to alternative payment channels (NEFT, NIBSS, NIPS, Interswitch and AutoPAY)
  • Full audit ability
  • Comprehensive reports – ability to generate payment reports, approval reports etc
  • Customizable – the system can be customised to meet specific corporate requirements


  • Elimination of cheque-books
  • Efficient and secure channel for making payments and collections
  • Ability to initiate and monitor payments from any location in the world (in local and foreign currency)
  • Ease of fulfilling your obligations in a timely fashion
  • Online real-time access to your account
  • Configuration flexibility to align with your payment process flow

Financial Functions

1. Local Payments

Single & batch payments to any GTBank account as well as other banks via NIBSS Instant Payment & NEFT
- Payroll Payments e.g salaries, bonuses
- Custom duties & Tax Payments
- International Payments – Single & batch FX transfers to any account (local & offshore, $, £, €, Rand)
- Corporate Airtime Top-up – Ability to purchase airtime for single or multiple devices for corporate use.

2. Accounts

- Own account Transfers
- Single & Bulk Cheque confirmation
- Generate Account Statements
- Online real time account monitoring

To Register

Follow any of the steps below to register:

GAPS-Lite Mobile

Gapslite Mobile is our online banking platform for business available for download on smartphones running on Android and iOS.

  • Real time monitoring of all your transactions
  • Transfers to GTBank and other Banks
  • Airtime purchase
  • Lifestyle management

To download the GAPS-Lite App, please follow the steps below to download the GTWorld Mobile App:

  • Kindly visit the Google Play Store for Android phone users or Apple App Store for iPhone users. 
  • Once you have downloaded the GTWorld Mobile App, you can switch to GAPS-Lite on the application.    
Gaps Lite


GAPS is an acronym for Guaranty Trust Bank Automated Payment Systems. It is GTBank‘s Corporate Internet Banking service which gives corporate customers secure access to their transactions and accounts 24/7.

To register for GAPs, visit the Online Banking for Business widget on the website and click on the register button.

To register for GAPs-Lite, visit the Online Banking for Business widget on the website and click on the register button.

For GAPS-Lite, the customer should give an instruction with the company letterhead. For GAPS, a board resolution will be required to effect the change.

All intra-bank transactions are online and real time.

Inter-bank transactions via NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) are also online real-time. Inter-bank transactions via NEFT will be received same day by the beneficiary if initiated before 12 pm. Otherwise it will be received next day.

Local transfer limit is N250MM per transaction. Daily foreign transfer limit (where the source of funds is via cash deposit) is $10,000 daily and $50,000 weekly or its equivalent in other currencies. There is no limit for FX transfer where the source of funds is via SWIFT transfer.

GAPS is a web-based application and therefore requires only internet connectivity, the user’s log-in details and a security token.

Yes! Receipts can be generated using the ‘Generate Receipt’ function in the Vendor/Client Mgt menu on GAPS.

Yes! GAPS times out after 10mins of inactivity. 

Yes! The schedules can be declined by a reviewer or an approver. Batches that are pending or waiting to be
processed can also be cancelled by an approver.

Note: Processed batches cannot be cancelled

Email Alerts are sent to registered beneficiaries. The e-mails state the Payer's name and the remarks specified by the Payer.

GAPS allows customers to attach document to each transaction. These documents are currently not sent by e-mail to the beneficiaries