Banking on Energy Efficiency

As part of our contributions to reduce the effects climate change, we continue to invest and implement energy efficient banking methods for the good of our clients and the earth. We continue to reduce our diesel consumption and introduce energy saving light bulbs at our branches in order to reduce energy consumption and ensure a safer environment. 
Since 2012, our e-branches and some branches have been powered by solar energy. We also continue to upgrade our electronic channels to reduce time and energy wasted in the banking hall. More customers now make use of alternative banking channels such as Point of Sales (PoS) terminals, internet banking, Automated Teller Machines and mobile banking. This campaign was taken a notch higher with the introduction of *737#, a text messaging service through which several banking transactions can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone with a GTBank account and a phone. Asides saving time and energy, this also reduces paper use and in the long term reduce deforestation

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