• No queues: Your requested items will be made available for pick up within 5 days – (from Monday 8:00am to Friday 5:00pm).
  • Convenience: Using the iRequire Self-Service guarantees you priority service when you go to pick up your pre-ordered item in-branch.

Items available via iRequire

  • Statement printing
  • Card Collection
  • Token Collection
  • Cheque book pick up


The GTBank iRequire Self-Service allows you pre-order online the collection of your Token, Card, Cheque-Book or Bank Statement for pick-up at select GTBank branches. iRequire is available on Internet Banking where you can make your item requests which will then be made available for pick-up at designated branches.

Statement printing, Token Collection, Card Collection and Cheque book pick up

This service can only be accessed via Internet Banking

Customers walks into the branch and is directed to the Operations Head.

No. Customer are speedily attended to by the Operations Head

No charge, except for normal banking charges for the service that has been requested

No. Pick up is only available within five (5) working days

Pick-up time will be during working hours between 8am and 5pm (in-branch)