Guaranty Trust Bank plc has partnered with MoneyGram to offer the Account Deposit service to beneficiaries in Nigeria. The MoneyGram services is a secure, reliable, and convenient alternative for receiving funds directly into your GTBank account in minutes, funds will be deposited in Naira and you won't be charged for the service.


  • Receive funds in minutes 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Save time as you no longer need to go to the bank
  • Receive the exact amount that was sent (Locked-in exchange rates)


Step One

Receiver will provide the following information to the sender:

  • Account name, First Name and Surname
  • GTBank 10 digit NUBAN account number
  • Bank name

Step Two

  • Sender in Account Deposit enabled country will complete a send form indicating account deposit option and providing the details supplied by the Receiver.

Step Three

  • Transaction is completed and Sender will get instant confirmation from the MoneyGram system if transaction is successful or not.