Career Opportunities


Specialist hires enjoy an exciting experience; an induction programme that ensures a proper integration into the system which includes insight into our business focus, strategy, culture and history.



Being part of a talented team has given me the chance to work on tasks cutting across several business areas. This platform has allowed me to improve my cognitive skills, learn from senior colleagues and influence peers. One great advantage of being part of the GTBank family, is that you don’t just have a job, but you have the opportunity to shape your career. The opportunity to shape your career. The opportunities are exciting and yours for the taking. Wouldn’t you rather join us?


Data Analytics Division


In the weeks prior to joining the Bank, I expressed increasing doubts within me as I was making a career move. This was because my background is in area of law practice where I was taught to be professionally expressive and to constantly strive at expanding the frontiers; qualities which I reasoned would be unwelcome in a big and secure institution like GTBank.

How unfounded my concerns turned out to be! I have discovered GTBank to be an organisation where professionalism, trustworthiness and innovation are not just buzz words but are inextricably linked to the Bank’s corporate existence.

If you are determined to rise and thrive career-wise, this is the place for you. My only regret? I did not join the amazing institution earlier!


Legal Group, Corporate Services Division

Application process

To apply for a position in our internship programme, please send your Curriculum Vitae to