This Committee is responsible for regular analysis and consideration of risks in the Bank. The Committee meets from time to time and at least quarterly. However, additional meetings may be held if required. The Committee reviews and analyses environmental issues and policies impacting either directly or remotely on the Bank, brainstorms on such issues and recommends steps to be taken by the Bank. The Committee’s approach is risk based.

The Committee provides inputs for the Board Risk Management Committee and also ensures that the decisions and policies emanating from the Committee’s meetings are implemented.

The mandate of the Committee includes:

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of GTBank’s overall risk management strategy at the enterprise level;
  • Following-up on management action plans based on the status of implementation compiled by the Management Risk Committee;
  • Identifying and evaluating new strategic risks including corporate matters involving regulatory, business development issues, e.t.c., and agree on suitable mitigants; and
  • Reviewing the Enterprise Risk scorecard and determining the risks to be escalated to the Board on a quarterly basis.

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